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No less than 51 different types of Formula 1 car from the 3-litre era have competed in Grand Prix Masters races in 2008. The amazing statistic, compiled following the final races in the GPM season at Spa-Francorchamps (27/28 September), is thought to make the 2008 GPM season the most varied in Formula 1 history.

During the GPM season, which included races at Silverstone, Donington Park, Magny-Cours, Anderstorp, the Nurburgring, Mugello and Spa, a remarkable total of 66 cars competed, covering 51 individual models. It is an unparalleled scale of diversity and competitor support.

Among the 66 cars were 19 makes of F1 car from the 1966-1978 era. As well as the familiar marques like Ferrari, McLaren, March, Tyrrell and Brabham, GPM has encouraged some of the rarest cars ever seen in F1 back onto the race track.

These include cars from Amon, Trojan, Theodore and Token, all painstakingly restored and brought back to racing. In some cases, the cars are now enjoying far more success than they did in period.

Grand Prix Masters has also actively encouraged engine diversity. In addition to the faithful Cosworth DFV, the mainstay of classic F1 racing, as many as six different non-Cosworth Grand Prix engines have run in one GPM event. In August, Magny Cours reverberated to 12-cylinder power from Matra, Alfa Romeo, Maserati and Ferrari and V8s from Repco and Alfa Romeo.

Christopher Tate of the Masters Racing Series is thrilled at the level of support for GPM as well as the glorious diversity that the series offers at the very pinnacle of historic racing. ""For diversity of cars and drivers, for great cars and good fun, why would circuit owners, magazines, spectators, look anywhere other than GPM?” he said. "We plan to make 2009 even better and we look forward to welcoming all of our drivers back onto the GPM grid along with some new faces as well."

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