MSA British Junior Kart Championship

Round 11 & 12: Shenington, 5th October

Polish driver Patryk Szczerbinski lined up pole with his MBR team-mate Alexander Albon alongside, but Ulster-man Carl Stirling moved swiftly into the lead.  "I just defended from lap four, because I knew I wasn't that fast and Patryk was quick at the start, so if I'd got passed then two or three would go by," said Stirling.  There was in fact one brief role reversal but Stirling was quick to regain the lead and hold it despite a train of seven karts ganging up on him.  In the last re-shuffle Ashley Sutton took advantage of Szczerbinski's discomfort to snatch third, Albon and Mackenzie Taylor next. 

Only Taylor could prevent Stirling from being crowned junior British champion and when Taylor was pushed off on the first lap of the second final with the loss of his chain, the stage was set for Stirling to become the first Northern Ireland driver to claim the title. This time Stirling could not keep Szczerbinski at bay, Sutton following through with the pair putting a second on the rest.  Stirling had fallen behind Sam Snell, but regained a podium place at the Wilkins hairpin, with Albon a lonely fourth and John Norris storming up to sixth.

Result Round 11

1 Carl Stirling Tonykart/TM

2 Ashley Sutton Octane/XTR

3 Patryk Szczerbinski Tonykart/TM

4 Alexander Albon Tonykart/TM

5 Mackenzie Taylor Alonso/TM

6 Sam Snell Intrepid/TM

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