Trident Formula Master Review

 Race 1

#31 Harald Schlegelmilch: 5th

#27 Michael Ammermueller: 9th

#47 Dominik Wasem: 17th

 Race 2

#31 Harald Schlegelmilch: 14th (Accident)

#27 Michael Ammermueller: 5th

#47 Dominik Wasem: 8th

Trident Racing took three points finishes in the final double round of the 2008 International Formula Master. The team, running on its home ground, saw the final weekend`s balance conditioned by many episodes happened over the race days, that ultimately prevented drivers from taking a deserved podium spot. The first and worst episode, in terms of loss of positions, happened to Michael Ammermuller. The German driver was moved to the back of Race 1`s grid due to a clause equating the engine change to the team change. In qualifying, Harald Schlegelmilch took the 7th spot, while Dominik Wasem took his own time in learning a new car and racetrack, ending up in 23rd.

At the start of Race 1, Schlegelmilch lost a couple of spots, but a really good pace allowed him to recover and round out the top-5. While Ammermuller had an unlucky last lap, losing 8th place at the end of an impressive comeback, Wasem put together a good performance: while some much more experienced drivers committed some huge mistakes, he ended the race with no errors in 17th.

On Race 2, Schlegelmilch achieved one of his best performances of the season. He was aggressive since the start, managing to stay constantly at the top without hitting or causing problems. He stayed among the top-pack until the closing stages: unfortunately, when he was forced to anticipate braking at the first chicane, first gear came in sending him into the retaining barriers. Ammermuller took 5th place by staying clean all-day long, while Dominik Wasem made his way to the points zone too, showing to the team a good potential.

The maiden season of Trident Racing in Formula Master has officially come to an end. The Italian squad, as well as owner Maurizio Salvadori, were delighted to take 2nd place in the team`s standings, proving the great quality of their 2008 effort.