Coulthard just misses top ten

Car 9 DAVID COULTHARD, Position 11th

"It was very close today. That was one of my better qualifying sessions, each of mylaps were very tidy. On the last lap I was quicker going into the final corner, but Iseemed to drag more speed going into the apex, which made me very slow downto the start/finish straight. I would love to have got through to Q3, as it would havemeant more driving in the car on low fuel, but I don't think there was much more Icould have got out of the car with the balance I had."

Car 10 MARK WEBBER, Position 13th

"I  wasn't  quick  enough  today  and  when  you  don't  get  the  times  you  don't  gothrough. I didn't get it together in Q2 and you pay the price. There was more to getfrom the car, but I over drove on the last sector. It was a shame as I had had agood feeling for the car both yesterday and this morning, but qualifying didn't seemto work out for us today. It will be difficult from there tomorrow."

CHRISTIAN  HORNER:  "While  it's  disappointing  not  to  make  it  into  Q3,  Daviddrove well in both sessions and was unlucky to miss the final cut by just 0.08secs,but  11th  obviously  leaves  him  free  to  pick  his  strategy  for  tomorrow.  Mark  didn'tmanage to string his best three sectors together, which leaves a lot of work for himfrom 13th on the grid tomorrow."

FABRICE   LOM,   Renault,   Principal   Engineer,   Track   Support:  

 "That   wasdisappointing not to get into Q3. DC had a good session and was very, very closeto getting through to  Q3,  I think he  was  just  0.08secs  off.  At  least  this  is a  trackwhere you should be able to overtake and gain positions in the dry, so we'll have tomake sure we're ready to make the most of anything that might happen ahead ofus tomorrow."

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