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Layton Crambook’s win in the final race of the second last round of the 2008 Yokohama Australian V8 Ute Series yesterday morning at Mt. Panorama Bathurst was a crucial blow to his rivals as the Penrith based Territorian edges closer to overall victory.

It was the 200th V8 Ute Race conducted in the series’ history.

With the final round looming at Oran Park in December Crambrook has the Mother Energy Drink / Lamont Constructions XR8 right on song to wrap up his first ever Australian V8 Ute Series win.

Disappointingly his race day at Bathurst on Sunday started off on a sour note with a swag of spares and tools stolen from his pit bay overnight.

“I must admit I was pretty gutted this morning when we realised it had happened before the race but I quickly got over it when we hit the track. The car was great and we were able to get by Kim and edge away. Oran Park’s our home track so Kim better bring something special out of the garage to stop us.”

Kim Jane’s second placing cements his runner up point’s position as Oran Park beckons.

“The car was terrible to be honest,” he frowned post race, “I did everything I could to run Layton down but he’s quick the little bugger.”

The Bob Jane T Marts Holden set a new lap record on the last lap of 2.34.98, 2/100ths of a second faster than Crambrooks Ford proving there is nothing between the 2 marques in a 6 kilometre lap. Jane said his ute came on too late in the race, probably due to starting with tyre pressures too low.

Jane’s rocketship-esque launch off the line earned him the Clutch Industries holeshot award as an additional bonus.

The battle for third place was undoubtedly the highlight of the race with a rumbling pack of Kurt Wimmer, Ryal Harris, Jack Elsegood, Gary Baxter, Gary MacDonald and Grant Johnson all going at it for many laps.

“There was no way through,” said Johnson post race, “I tried to get through but where you do pass? Everyone was racing so hard.”

Kurt Wimmer followed up on his great win yesterday to score fourth in the Global Trader Technologies VE – along the way scoring the SS Inductions Hard Charger over the weekend after starting from 32nd (disqualified from qualifying) and finishing 15th in Race One.

Ryal Harris had a sensational weekend with another consistent top three result in his Global Trader Technologies VE, leading home his team car of Kurt Wimmer.

Following Wimmer home in fifth was Chuckie Baxter, Jack Elsegood, Grant Johnson, Gary MacDonald, Clint Harvey, Colin Corkery, Stephen Robinson, Craig Dontas, Ben Dunn, Glenn McNally, Justin Van Twest and Charlie Kovacs.

Wayne Lamont was 17th home in his best result ahead George Elliot, Steve Hodges, Warren Millet, Shanan Sidebottom, Denis Cribbin, Ben Kavich, Michael Bartsch, Rob Jarvis, Greg Willis and Peter Burnitt.

Greg Willis appeared courtesy of the generosity of Team Robinson Racing after the Robbos leant their spare XR8 motor to the Grove Juice MD following his engine meltdown yesterday.

George Elliot’s stunning new Vittoria Coffee VE scored the Sonax Best Presented Car award – an award he was thrilled to win after putting so much effort into presenting his car for Bathurst.

“I went all out to give Vittoria the best possible showpiece for Bathurst,” he explained, “I’m really pleased to win the award that recognises that.”

Andrew Fisher suffered disappointment in the Jesus XR8 when an engine sensor quit, ending the weekend prematurely after his massive shunt the day before in his V8 Supercar debut.

Other DNF’s included Yanis Derums (Crash) George Miedecke (crash) Brad Patton and Nandi Kiss.

Across the world fans watched the Yokohama Australian V8 Ute Series on TV as the Bathurst coverage was beamed across the globe to show the 200th V8 Ute Race in all it’s glory.

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