Motors TV Weekly Highlights

8th - 14th November 2008 (Sky Channel 413, Virgin Media 545)


The second and third races from round 12 of the V8 Supercar championship come from Bahrain where the blokes of Australia’s only notable contribution to world motorsport series' will be unleashing 500bhp hell on the locals.

V8 Supercars, Round 12, BahrainSaturday, 8th November, 20:00 – DELAYED-AS-LIVEFPA Galore!

You can never have too much of a good thing so the saying goes, which means there’s a double dollop of Formula Palmer Audi action on Motors TV this week. First up there’s a chance to relive what was, in fairness, a barnstormer of a season in the 2008 review programme. That’s right ladies and gents: two hours of wheel-to-wheel single seater madness from one of the closest junior categories around. Jason Moore eventually came out on top, winning, amongst other things, a place in the McLaren Autosport Award final. With only one spot still remaining in motorsport’s most prestigious CV filler, his rivals will be pulling out all the stops during the FPA Autumn Cup, a six race shootout of sorts, to determine who will be joining him. Tune in to the final three races from Snetterton to see which lucky boy makes it in this last of last chance saloons.     

FPA Season Review / FPA Autumn Cup, SnettertonSaturday, 8th November, 18:00 / Thursday, 13th November, 19:00

 Belgian Motocross

Seeing as Motors TV has just become the official MX Channel it’s probably only fair that we educate our audience on all things Scrambler. That’s why, quite possibly for the first time ever, the Weekly Highlights will include Belgian Motocross as a top televisiual treat for the upcoming week. First things first though: The Belgian’s love their bikes. Some say they enjoy nothing better than tearing up the immaculate Flemish countryside on 125cc 'Quackers' which, for a country that’s particularly fond of chocolate and chips, is no mean feat. Turns out all this reckless hooning about has its advantages too. The Belgian’s have been sat atop the MX heap for all of 40 years now thanks to the likes of demi-god Stefan Everts whose seven MX1 titles remain a record. Re-live the Belgian’s doing what they do best in this hour long season review.

Belgian Motocross Season ReviewSaturday, 8th November, 12:00Keep on Trucking

Perhaps the best national championship to be found anywhere in world motorsport, the British Truck Racing Championship returns to Motors TV on Friday night. Well okay, perhaps not, but there is no denying that the concept isn’t a brilliant one. Like Madonna and Guy Ritchie, the marriage of an artic and race circuit was never likely to last. Somehow though it just makes sense; 1000bhp ensures these aren’t your usual Eddie Stobart load luggers even if they are limited to a still-frightening-for-a-truck 100mph. Round eight comes from Brands Hatch.

British Truck Racing ChampionshipFriday, 14th November, 22:00

 A Flying Corsican

Quite what this has got to do with Motors TV is anyone’s guess. Although 300bhp and 230mph should be enough to qualify for what is after all the High Speed Television Channel. Those expecting to tune in for France’s answer to the Flying Doctors will be particularly disgruntled to learn that the show is in fact about Nicholas Ivanoff, the French daredevil aerobatics pilot who used to ply his trade bombing bad guys, one presumes. These days though he’s more at home tearing around the skylines of the world’s most beautiful cities between inflatable gates as part of the Red Bull Air Race World Series. A Flying CorsicanWednesday, 12th November, 22:00The Fast Lane

More tail-happy than a Humpback who’s just escaped a fleet of Japanese whaling boats, the fourth instalment of The Fast Lane crashes its way through the tidal wave of television bilge to top the specials board on Monday night’s menu. This week the car that covers a thousand wannabe rude boy bedroom walls, Mitsubishi’s Evo IX, returns to the forest where its legend was born amid pine trees, bobble hats and thermos flasks. Meanwhile, in the Spy Guide, the tatty Esprit heads for Stuttgart.

The Fast Lane, Episode 4Monday, 10th November, 21:00

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