Red Bull, brave strategies but ..


Car 9, DAVID COULTHARD, (Finish Position 10th, Start Position: 15th)"I had a reasonable start and thereafter was trying to manage tyre degeneration on theoption and the prime. I tried to keep out of racing too much with the two stoppers so Iwouldn't lose time, but ultimately I don't think there was much more I could have donefrom our grid position than 10th."

Car 10, MARK WEBBER, (Finish Position 14th Start Position: 16th)"It was going reasonably well until I got up to Nakajima, but it's so difficult to follow carsthrough the quick sections here. I tried my best, the strategy was always going to bedifficult  with  a  ten  place  penalty,  but  the  guys  from  Red  Bull  did  a  good  job.  It's  ashame for Renault, as that was the first engine failure for us."

CHRISTIAN HORNER: "Unfortunately yesterday's grid penalty was always going to bea massive handicap in the race today. Mark drove a good first stint, passing severalcars, he made progress in the second stint until he got stuck behind Nakajima, whichkilled his chance of progress. With one further stop before the end of the race, 14th wasas much as he could achieve today. David drove a good race on a one-stop strategy,but unfortunately we just weren't quick enough. He got close to Vettel at his last stop,but tenth was all that was possible."

FABRICE  LOM,  Renault,  Principal  Engineer,  Track  Support:  "A  very  tough  day.Mark had a great race, but with the penalty he received, he was too far back for it tomake any impression. He had a very good first stint and overtook several cars, but wehad to make a pit-stop quite early. He then got stuck behind Nakajima and it wasn'tpossible to overtake. For David, it was a difficult race on a one stop strategy - but hedrove well. The same engines will do Brazil, so they have still a long way to go."