GP2 Series to race in Portugal

in 2009

GP2  Series  and  the  Autódromo  Internacional  do  Algarve  have  signed  an  agreement  will  see  the series  make  its  racing  debut  next  year  in  a  country  where  motorsport  has  a  big  following. 

The Algarve  track  will  host  the  last  round  of  the  2009  GP2  Series  championship,  with  the  date  to  be announced shortly.

GP2  Series  organiser  Bruno  Michel  commented:  “I  am  very  pleased  to be adding Algarve to our race calendar. On top of displaying and developing tomorrow’s talents, our aim also includes new venues  that  will  generate  track  action  as  well  as  meet  our  security  standards.  The  Autódromo Internacional  do  Algarve  has  made  a  tremendous  job  into  providing  us  with  a  track  that  delivers everything a high-level category needs. I am really looking forward to the first event.”

 Paulo Pinheiro, Autódromo Internacional do Algarve director, added: “I am delighted that the GP2 Series  have  chosen  to  conclude  their  2009  season  at  our  track.  It  rewards  our  hard  work  and dedication to build a circuit that can welcome such a prestigious category. This is a great honour and we are now entirely focused on finalising every detail before welcoming GP2 next year.” 

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