Coulthard "Im pretty gutted"

Car 10, MARK WEBBER, (Finish Position 9th Start Position: 12th)"The  car  was  pretty  difficult  to  drive  today.  We  had  a  long  middle  stint,  but  the  pacewasn't there and I struggled. We knew some of the problems we had from practice andwe tried to cater for those in the race, but in the end most of them were still there. It'sdisappointing to finish ninth."

Car 9, DAVID COULTHARD, (Finish Position DNF, Start Position: 14th)"I'm pretty gutted, it's not how I wanted to end my career. I took a cautious approach intoTurn  one  and  left  plenty  of  space  for  the  car  on  the  inside,  but  unfortunately  I  thinkRosberg hit me though Turn two, which spun me round. I thought it would be okay, butthen Nakajima ran into the front of my car and took off the front corner. I felt good on thewarm up laps going to the grid, I had no problem with it being wet and I wanted to get tothe chequered flag.

" I was going to do some do-nuts for the crowd, which is something you normally get fined for, but it didn't work out. I can't complain though, I've had a good career, so thank you to everyone who has supported me. Thank you also to the efforts of every member of the Red Bull Racing team for the last four years, which have been a lot of   fun,   I   look   forward   to   continuing   to   work   with   them   in   the   future.   I've   been overwhelmed by the level of support I've had from the paddock this weekend, it means a great deal to me that so many people have taken the time to say 'nice career and good luck with the future'. And, in the absence of a World Championship, I think if I can leave with that, then that's a good ending."

CHRISTIAN HORNER: "It's a great shame for David to be eliminated from his last GrandPrix at the first corner, but he can look back on a long and illustrious career where he'sachieved a great deal. He now moves on to a different phase in his life and will continueto have a close relationship with Red Bull Racing. We're looking forward to working withhim  outside  the  cockpit.  Mark  drove  a  good  race  in  difficult  conditions.  We  took  theopportunity to fill the car at the first stop and he didn't make any mistakes throughout.We also elected, like several others, to use intermediate tyres for the last few laps, butunfortunately  ninth  place  is  a  frustrating  position  to  finish.  Congratulations  to  LewisHamilton  on  his  first  World  Championship.  The  team  has  worked  incredibly  hardthroughout the season and despite a frustrating second half, we can look forward withoptimism."

FABRICE  LOM,  Renault,  Principal  Engineer,  Track  Support:  "What  a  final,  theChampionship was incredible and lasted until the last corner. Congratulations to Lewis, Ithink he deserved it as he drove well all season. It's a shame for Massa, he drove wellalso,  but  at  least  he  won  in  front  of  his  home  crowd  today.  Looking  to  us,  it  was  adramatic last Grand Prix for David, who only did one corner. I'm so disappointed for him.Mark  had  a  very  good  race,  but  unfortunately  he  didn't  score  any  points,  so  we  areseventh, not a good result, but we will bounce back for next year."

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