A1GP for China, Malaysia & New Zealand

Chengdu, China is the next stop on the A1GP World Cup of Motorsport Season Four calendar, and the final freight and chassis for the event will leave the UK on Saturday.

The cars for A1 Teams Great Britain, India and Mexico will be on the plane to join the 17 others that raced in Zandvoort, but A1 Team Pakistan will have to miss the next two races in China and Malaysia while the A1GP Powered by Ferrari car is readied for its Seat Holder and driver, Adam Khan. The problem arose after the chassis did not provide the 23-year-old with a comfortable and, therefore, safe racing environment. Not every driver is the same height and, while Adam is perhaps taller than average, he is no different to some of the worlds successful racing drivers. It is just unfortunate our chassis needs changes to be made to it to allow Adam to race to the best of his abilities. These will be made and we look forward to seeing his Season Four race debut in Taupo, said A1GP CEO, Pete da Silva.

Adam will, however, be attending the next two races and will be working alongside the series pr and productions teams. Not only will he be able to give a drivers eye view of the action, but also in Chengdu use his Mandarin to keep the Chinese fans updated in their own language.

The other team that will have to wait until A1GP Taupo, New Zealand on 23-25 January 2009 to appear on the track is A1 Team Germany. The Series Two champion is undergoing a management restructure with Rolf Beisswanger, who has a vast knowledge of motorsport having worked in it for many years, as Team Principal. His comment was: This is an exciting time for us and I am really looking forward to it. We are now working hard on finding new partners and sponsors. We have long term plans for A1 Team Germany that will take us into Season Five and beyond,

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