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(SPEEDWAY 1)ELITE League clubs held top level talks on Monday - and drastic measures appear to be on the way.British Speedway Chairman Pete Toogood said: "Due to the current and possible future economic climate, including the pressure of recession, decisions will be taken by promoters at the forthcoming AGM to secure the league's immediate and long term future."Full details will be released immediately after the AGM which is due to finish on Sunday, November 16.(SPEEDWAY 2)BERWICK owner Peter Waite insists time is running out to keep the club in business.Waite has put the border outfit up for sale with a deadline of November 13 to declare for next season.He said: "I cannot emphasise the urgency of the situation. The reality is that if no buyer is found within the next 10-days then Berwick Speedway will close. I sincerely hope that won't be the case."

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