Daytona 24-hour DMAX Cup entries


Whilst the 2008 ‘Race of Champions’ Competition is gearing up for another phenomenal year at Wembley, Daytona Motorsport has been busy in the background preparing itself for what  is possibly the greatest motorsport opportunity ever made available to the British public - The 2008 Daytona 24-hour DMAX Cup.

This Le Mans style team endurance race is a once in a lifetime opportunity for members of the public and their friends to spend 24 hours testing their powers of concentration, nerve and stamina by racing state-of-the art 125cc DMAX karts around the perfectly sculpted ROC circuit (see picture).

From noon on 20th December until noon the following day, a total of 20 teams of ten will go head to head in an attempt to complete as many laps as possible in the allotted time. Changeovers between drivers will occur every one and a half hours or when a fuel stop is needed. When not racing participants can expect to enjoy first rate hospitality in one of two executive boxes allocated to each team. Food and drinks are included in the price, as are 20 guest entries (refreshments extra) and free parking.

Once the chequered flag is waved the winning team will be awarded the 2008 DMAX silverware.

Daytona Spokesperson Paul Britton said: “The DMAX Cup is undoubtedly the ultimate karting experience. The scale, the circuit, the karts, the surroundings and the hospitality are so high in quality that both drivers and spectators cannot fail to have the time of their lives.”

The cup would not even have even been a possibility without the presence at Wembley Stadium of one of the world’s most prestigious driving competitions - The Race of Champions. By pitting motor sports champions, from a variety of disciplines and places, against each other it is the ultimate test of driving skills.

Past winners include Sebastien Loeb, Heikki Kovalainen, Juha Kankkunen, Stig Blomqvist, Carlos Sainz and Colin McRae.  Not forgetting, last year’s ROC Nations Cup winners 7-time F1 World Champion Michael Schumacher and the youngest ever F1-winner Sebasatian Vettel who are among many other stars coming back to defend their titles at Wembley this year.

Traditionally held in Europe, the event has worldwide appeal with an estimated 165 million viewers across 204 countries tuning in to watch coverage of the magnificent spectacle each year.

It is that popular appeal that got event organisers Daytona, IMP and Wembley Stadium thinking. In 2007 they joined forces to open the ROC circuit to the public for a two-hour endurance race knowing demand for racing in front of packed crowds in the iconic stadium would be sky high.

Buoyed by that experience and the potential for further commercial development, the Daytona team went back to HQ to hatch a plan for 2008. Ten months on and we stand just weeks away from lights out for what is possibly the greatest motorsport opportunity that has ever been made available to the British public – the 2008 24 hour DMAX Cup at Wembley.

Event organisers have numerous offers to take, The Race of Champions global in 2009 with the Middle East,  Asia, US and a number of European venues being lined up as possible suitors. So, the advice is, if you want to take part in a Le Mans style endurance race and tell your grandkids about it for years to come then seize the day because you may never get this opportunity on British soil again.

“As an organisation we will continue to push the boundaries of karting as we are fully committed to promoting public participation in motorsport,” added Paul.

The cost to enter the 24-hour DMAX Cup is £3500 (Excl VAT) per team. Alternatively, if you are short on money or time, the two-hour endurance races are still being held on 16th, 17th and 18th December. Entry costs are £850 (Excl VAT) for a team of SIX and sessions are held in the afternoons and evenings on the said dates.

To enter a team in either of the events please visit or call 0845 644 5504.

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