MSA British Sporting Car Trials

Round 15 - Roy Fedden - Bristol Motor Club

Sunday, 9th November - Dyrham Woods, Nr Bath

John Fack totally dominated the Roy Fedden trial in extremely wet conditions which saw almost half the entry retire and the trial was suspended after two rounds. Roland Uglow finished second just ahead of last week's winner Ian Wright. Dave Rance won the intermediate class in sixth overall from Stephen Barnes. Bill Sherras, in 13th overall, won the novice class from Ed Wells.

Round 16 - Johnson - Peterborough Motor Club - Sunday, 22nd November - Eaton, Nr Melton Mowbray


1st - John Fack - Crosslé - 58 marks lost

2nd - Roland Uglow - Crosslé - 87 marks lost

3rd - Ian Wright - Sherpa Indy - 89 marks lost

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