Book of F1 Top Tens


Roger Smith

Publication: Out Now, RRP: £9.99, Format: Hardback, ISBN: 978 1 84425 571 9

Who are the youngest Grand Prix winners?Which race had the most lead changes?Who won a championship with the fewest victories?Who obeyed - and disobeyed - team orders?Whether music charts or Olympic medals, everyone likes to know the 'Top Ten'pecking order, to see how their own favourites are faring and to chew over how the rest compare. And with so many variables for both man and machine, the sport of Formula 1 lends itself perfectly to the Top Ten treatment, as demonstrated in this compelling book. Top Ten rankings can reveal surprises, arouse nostalgia, even fill knowledge gaps - enthralling or exasperating, depending whether they mirror your own views.

The Book of Formula 1 Top Tens is packed with facts and figures for over 200 drivers, 50 great cars and 50 glorious circuits. The vast majority of Top Tens are fact-based rankings but for some of the less clear cut categories the author has adopted a system of rating points.  Top Tens feature both the superlatives of F1 such as biggest, longest, fastest or best, to the flip side: smallest, slowest, shortest and even the worst! It explores failure alongside success, the ordinary balanced by the extraordinary and the weird against the wondrous.  So whenever your grabbed by the need to indulge in a little Formula 1 fever, just flick through the pages and you'll soon be hunkered down in your own virtual cockpit, savouring the sights, smells and sounds of the greatest sport on the planet.

Following the success of his first book, Analysing Formula 1, author Roger Smith combines his diagnostic dexterity with his Formula 1 fervour to bring new ideas and insights. An international business information expert in his professional life, Roger has ardently studied Grand Prix racing and attended innumerable Formula 1 races at home and abroad over more than five decades. He lives in Oxford.

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