Kunimoto wins in Macao

Japan's Keisuke Kunimoto took the Formula 3 Macao Grand Prix on Sunday forTOM's with a time of  41 minutes 01.864 seconds, ahead of Edoardo Mortara, 41:03.574 and Brendon Hartley 41:05.870.

Kunimoto took pole siter Mortara of fthe grid, behind them there was chaos as Roberto Streit collided with Sam Bird as he tried to defend his position. Mortara locked up under braking for Lisboa on lap 4, allowing Daniel Campos-Hull and Jaime Alguersuari to pass him but he retook Campos-Hull on lap 6, and recovered second when Alguersuari was handed a drive-through penalty. Brendon Hartley finished third, from 20th on the grid, having benefited from a number of incidents.

Pos Driver                  Team          Car          Gap

 1. Keisuke Kunimoto        TOM'S         D/T    41:01.864 2. Edoardo Mortara         Signature     D/V       +1.710 3. Brendon Hartley         Carlin        D/M       +4.006 4. Mika Maki               Signature     D/M       +8.442 5. Renger van der Zande    Prema         D/M      +10.276 6. Laurens Vanthoor        RC            D/V      +12.975 7. Oliver Turvey           Carlin        D/M      +13.134 8. Walter Grubmuller       Hitech        D/M      +14.695 9. Jules Bianchi           ART           D/M      +18.72510. Jaime Alguersuari       Carlin        D/M      +20.80111. Jon Lancaster           Manor         D/M      +20.89812. James Jakes             ART           D/M      +21.41813. Franky Cheng            Signature     D/V      +22.40414. Max Chilton             Hitech        D/M      +22.60415. Kei Cozzolino           Now           D/T      +23.27016. Kazuya Oshima           Manor         D/M      +23.93017. Daniel Campos-Hull      HBR           D/M      +24.99718. Atte Mustonen           Double R      D/M      +33.74419. Nicola de Marco         RC            D/V      +46.52720. Michael Ho              Double R      D/M      +51.739

RetirementsStefano Coletti         Prema         D/M      11 lapsBasil Shaaban           HBR           D/M      10 lapsCarlo van Dam           TOM'S         D/T       7 lapsRoberto Merhi           Hitech        D/M       6 lapsMassaki Matsushita      PTRS/Ombra    D/H       6 lapsJames Winslow           Ombra         D/H       5 lapsKoki Saga               Le Beausset   D/T       2 lapsMarcus Ericsson         Carlin        D/M       0 lapsRoberto Streit          Double R      D/M       0 lapsSam Bird                Manor         D/M       0 laps

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