Motors TV Weekly Highlights

13th – 19th December

Superbike Spectacular

We’re going Superbike crazy on Motors TV this weekend with not just one but three review shows to tickle your two-wheeled fancy! Kicking us off on Saturday are the European Superstockers followed by World Supersport action. The big boys come out to play on Sunday with four hours of World Superbike coverage which retraces the steps of 2008’s championship challengers. Rolling back the years, Troy Bayliss produced a largely faultless final season in what has been a ludicrously trophy laden career to wrap up a third World Crown before riding off into retirement. Probably worth seeing the old man do what he does best then for one, last time.           

European Superstock / World Supersport Reviews Saturday, 13th December, 19:30 / 21:00World Superbike ReviewSunday, 14th December, 19:00Dutch Supercar Challenge Review

If ever a car manufacturer was the embodiment of its homeland then Spyker are surely it. Their C8 supercar is crazy, liberal and a tad wild, just like the open-minded Holland where it’s built. Thankfully, this laissez-faire approach to life has had an adverse effect on their motorsport which, in the interests of writing this listing, has a similar stereotypical wackiness to it. Of course the drivers aren’t artificially intoxicated, but that’s not to say organisers of the Dutch Supercar Challenge weren’t when they came up with this little gem in the automotive annuls of time. See for yourself how a Mini Cooper fares against a Dodge Viper in Europe’s most entertaining GT championship.

Dutch Supercar Challenge ReviewSaturday, 13th December, 16:00

 Andros Trophy

Round two of the soon-to-be-global-warmingised Andros Trophy comes from sleepy Andorra (you know, that little place above Spain?). For a country that was unable to host the English football team during recent European Cup qualifiers it seems even more unfathomable as to how they can put on an ice race in what is, effectively, the  perinnially  sweltering  South of France. Apparently there are some mountains and snow and stuff which, although I’m no expert, does usually help.

Andros Trophy, Round Two, AndorraWednesday, 17th December, 18:0Rallycross SuperprixThe inexplicably long-named British Rallycross Open Series: Rallycross Superprix comes to Motors TV where there should be rooster-tailing aplenty over the two hours of sideways action. The premier event in the British Rallycross calendar, drivers from across Europe will be travelling to Croft to fight it out for the coveted better-than-Grand, Superprix title. 

Rallycross Superprix, CroftWednesday, 17th December, 19:00

 Formula BMW Eurocup Review

Europe’s most junior of junior formulas gave us a great debut season in 2008 after the amalgamation of the British and German championships at the end of last year. Mexican Esteban Gutierrez was the standout driver with an impressive seven victories on his way to the inaugural Eurocup title which also featured Adrien Tambay, son of former F1 race winner Patrick. Highlights include the  penultimate round from Monza that has to be seen to be believed.

Formula Renault Eurocup ReviewTuesday, 16th December, 20:00

British Truck Racing Review

Last but by no means least this week we have the British Truck Racing Review. Regular readers will be more than aware of our new found passion for all-things Artic so this is a real treat. Stuart Oliver took the spoils in 2008 but frankly the Lewis Hamilton of Lorries isn’t the reason for tuning in. Forget everything you know about trucking; someone once said that racing one of these leviathan’s of the raceway was like steering a block of flats from the sixth floor. Except of course, your common tower block doesn’t out-accelerate a Porsche 911 to 100mph. An early Christmas gift awaits, intrepid viewer. We promise you won’t regret it.British Truck Racing ReviewFriday, 19th December, 22:00