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20th – 26th December - Channel 413 on Sky Digital and 545 on Virgin Media

 Andros Trophy

The world’s most festive form of motorsport returns in the nick of time as the stars of the Andros Trophy make their way to Alpe D’Huez in France for the third instalment of this season’s championship. Whilst Britain grinds to a standstill at the first mention of ice, these guys absolutely love it, slipping and power-sliding their way between snow banks, wearing woolly hats and carrying Thermos flasks. Expect cowbells aplenty.

Andros Trophy, Round 3, Alpe D’HuezWednesday, 24th December, 18:00Pilot Bike

The world’s second most festive form of motorsport also returns in the nick of time with the Pilot Bikers taking on the same alpine course as their four-wheeled cousins. If you thought racing cars on snow was a crazy combination then you’re about to have those goalposts put out to pasture. Just like speedway, a pair of studded tyres hang on for all they’re worth as the riders of this sublime sport do their best to keep themselves from burning along the icy surface below.   

Pilot Bike, Round 3, Alpe D’HuezWednesday, 24th December, 17:30

 Barbados Rally Carnival

The Ebenezer Scrooges amongst you will no doubt be thrilled to see the Barbados Rally Carnival pitching up less than a week before jolly old St Nick makes his annual visit. This sun-drenched scheduling faux-pas is bound to warm the hearts of even the grumpiest of individuals this Christmas as it shuns snow, carols and festive cheer in favour of a rally-inspired party. 

Barbados Rally CarnivalSaturday, 20th December, 18:00Scottish Motor Racing ReviewHadrians Wall may have come down many centuries ago but there remains a divide between English and Scottish motorsport. The Scots it seems are very proud of their automotive roots and so, in the interests of fairness, Motors TV will be dedicating two evenings and three hours of coverage to those north-of-the-boarder. First up on Tuesday there’s the Formula Ford championship followed on Wednesday by a combination of Sports & Saloons and Legends reviews.

Scottish Motor Racing ReviewTuesday, 23rd December, 20:00Wednesday, 24th December, 19:00

 Silverstone Classic Replay

Christmas might just have come early for the connoisseurs of historic racing amongst you as Motors TV replays a selection box of treats from this summer’s Silverstone Classic. This week sees Aston Martins, vintage “it was better in my day” grand prix machinery as well as Formula Junior action. Time to dust off the rose tinted spectacles then for the biggest classic event in the British motorsport calendar one more time.

Silverstone Classic ReplayMonday, 20th December, from 19:30

British Cross Country Review

Those hoping to catch a glimpse of Paula Radcliffe pounding through the mud of an obscure Country Estate will be sad to find instead a Bowler Wildcat pounding through the mud of an obscure Country Estate. Think Lombard RAC rally of the early ‘90’s and you’re somewhere near this diamond-in-the-mud-splattered-rough of British motorsport.      British Cross Country ReviewMonday, 20th December, 16:00

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