TEAM SEBAH 2009 Racing programme

After showing strong performances during the 2008 Le Mans Series and Le Mans 24Hours with their brand new LMP2 Michelin-shod Lola B08/80 – Judd, SPEEDYRACING – TEAM SEBAH will extend their Le Mans Prototype assault during the2009 season.

For 2009, the team will again run the Lola B08/80 – Judd in the LMP2 class to targetthe LMP2 crown in their second year in the category. The Lola B08/80 – Judd willrace in 2009 as an improved package with the team having started an intensivedevelopment programme as soon as the Le Mans Series ended. The teamʼstechnical partners are also working hard to improve the car for next season.SPEEDY RACING – TEAM SEBAH will also run an LMP1 Lola B08/60 – AstonMartin alongside the LMP2 car. The teamʼs objective is to be the fastest petrolenginedLMP1 in 2009.

The team had discussed offers from other manufacturers, but the choice of the LolaB08/60 – Aston Martin quickly appeared to be the best opportunity. During 2008, theteam proved that the Lola B08 chassis is a quick one and they will use theknowledge and experience gained in that maiden season as they push to achievetheir 2009 objectives. The Aston Martin V12 unit has already proven that it has theperformance and endurance in the LMP1 category, this package should becompetitive enough in 2009 to challenge for the podium at both Le Mans 24 Hoursand Le Mans Series.

The team decided to move to LMP1 two years before it was initially scheduled to doso, in order to catch “the opportunities created with the new A.C.O. regulations”announced for 2009 and 2011. SPEEDY RACING – TEAM SEBAH believe in thefuture of “Le Mans” races, so it is never to soon to be well prepared for the nextgeneration LMP1.

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