(SPEEDWAY 1)EASTBOURNE owner Bob Dugard has turned down a bid from Coventry to sign Edward Kennett.Kennett wants to leave Arlington and Dugard has stated he will sell him. He is reported to want £45,000.Said Dugard: “Coventry offered £20,000. That’s an absolute joke. We will not sell him for that. He would have to go out on loan somewhere and there is no guarantee that would be to Coventry.”(SPEEDWAY 2)POOLE boss Matt Ford has confirmed he was interested in taking talented British youngster Lewis Bridger to Wimborne Road.Ford has been forced into making changes to bring his side back under the points limit.He told the Echo: “Bob Dugard had given me permission to speak to Lewis, but at the 11th hour he changed his mind and made Lewis an Eagles asset again for 2009.”

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