(SPEEDWAY 1)EASTBOURNE chief Bob Dugard has hit out at critics who have accused him of building a team on the cheap.Dugard and Trevor Geer will lead a revamped team into next season's Elite League.He said: "We have two Australians, two Swedes and one Russian, bring a legend out of retirement and kept the best British rider - if you think this comes cheap, you couldn't be more wrong."(SPEEDWAY 2)BJARNE Pedersen has confirmed a team representing Premier League Newcastle will feature in his testimonial meeting at Poole on March 18.The Diamonds were his first British club before making the step up to the Elite League with the Dorset outfit.He said: "I'm looking forward to a big night of racing and I'm hoping lots of fans will come down to Wimborne Road and share the special night with me."

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