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Electric energy collection system delivers 35kw extra acceleration Fuel consumption and CO2 emissions cut by 10% Gold Bar prize for Dubai finale

The first ever motor race series for hybrid powered cars will be launched this year by the World Sports Car Organisation to showcase the practical technologies available now to increase power whilst reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

Sports prototypes from the C1, C2 and CN categories will be fitted with the Ecodrive51 MVST energy recovery system “E-traction” (which is being installed in vehicles used by the German Post Office). Cars will also be encouraged to use alternative fuels such as LPG Autogas for a further reduction in emissions. This whole philosophy aims to attract the car manufacturers’ support as F1 investment wanes. WSCO has presented the formula to the FIA Alternative Energies Commission, which is seeking ways for motorsport to deliver the FIA core message of “Make Cars Green”.

WSCO – a new international promoter advised by Stuart McCrudden – plans a five race series in 2009 launching at the Nurburgring Truck Grand Prix at the end of July. TV coverage is confirmed and sponsors will provide €15,000 prize money at each race. The final race of the season is already confirmed as an invitation race in Dubai where organisers will fly all cars to the event and where the winner of the 1001km race will receive a 1 kilo gold ingot.

For further details of this new, super green motor racing formula go to worldsportscar

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