ARPRO enhances safety for NASCAR/IRL

ARPRO® improves impact resistance in motorsport

At almost half the weight of traditional materials, ARPRO absorbs 30 percent more energy on the first impact and 60 percent more during the second impact.  Bald Spot Sports (BSS) has selected ARPRO for impact-resistance and energy absorption in its NASCAR and IRL crash pads.  The ARPRO head and side impact protection measures deliver increased crash protection and a 45 percent weight reduction.

“Some collisions happen at 200mph, and Bald Spot is working to provide the driver with the ultimate in protection when it comes to force reduction technology,” explains Cameron Cobb, Manager of Construction & Specialty Products, Createc Corporation. “ARPRO helps support this objective. For head and lateral impacts, it is one of the most efficient safety materials available, providing more energy management than other materials.”

The technology has successfully been adopted by top NASCAR teams: “We’re wheel to wheel and bumper to bumper every weekend, and the team’s success depends on protecting our driver,” comments Dave Kenny, Engineer on the NASCAR Cup Series at Penske Racing. “Team drivers like Kurt Busch are reassured that safety is taken care of.”

For more than five years, BSS and Createc have been using ARPRO on the track to increase strength and reduce weight. “ARPRO has proven itself in seating, helmets and nose cones,” explains Paul Compton, JSP’s Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for Europe. “The design flexibility of ARPRO allows JSP to develop variants for all applications.”

ARPRO is used extensively in motorsport and automotive applications, and is resistant to high temperatures making it ideal for use in a wide range of other motorsports such as the World Rally Championship (WRC). “ARPRO’s extremely high strength-to-weight ratio is particularly beneficial in motorsport safety; withstanding multiple impacts without significant deformation and returning to its original shape following dynamic stress,” concludes Compton.

About JSPJSP is the world leader in the production and development of ARPRO® and its applications.  An essential product for the automotive, packaging and consumer product industries, ARPRO is a source of strength, durability and weight reduction. Designers and engineers use ARPRO to stretch their imaginations to develop new and better solutions. A truly global provider, JSP’s application specialists help their customers increase competitive edge through the innovative use of ARPRO.  The company is quoted on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

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