KING'S Lynn promoter Keith Chapman is predicting big things from exciting young Australian Darcy Ward.Chapman believes the 16-year-old can achieve an 8.50 average in his first season of Premier League racing for the Stars.He said: "This young man has a natural ability that I have not seen since the days of Michael Lee and Henka Gustafsson. His style is perfect, so natural and he makes going quick look easy."


NEWCASTLE chief Darryl Illingworth believes the much-changed Diamonds team will provide plenty of excitement this year.Skipper Jason King is the sole survivor of the side which star! ted 2008 - with title-winning captain Derek Sneddon joining from Edinburgh last week.Illingworth said: "The average age of the team is just over 23, it's by far the youngest side with which we've ever started a season, and it's an exciting team."

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