Motors TV Weekly Highlights

31st January – 6th February

Roger Albert Clark Rally

Motors TV brings you more historic motorsport this weekend with a first chance to see 2008’s Roger Albert Clark Rally. The event takes in some of the classic stages that helped give the RAC the iconic status it now enjoys amongst rally fans the world over. Starting in Leeds, competitors wind their way north into Cumbria and the Scottish Boarders before heading south again, through the unforgiving Kielder Forrest before finishing up in Carlisle. As always there’s plenty of classic machinery to savour that helps recreate the two wheel-drive purity of yesteryear.   

Roger Albert Clark Rally    Saturday, 31st January, 14:00Andros Trophy / Pilot Bike

With the winters supposedly getting warmer, it’s an environmental miracle that the Andros Trophy and Pilot Bike calendars have gone the distance this season. Thankfully, Jack Frost had the courtesy to hang around long enough for the runners and riders to see things through which means the good folk at Clermont resort high in the French Alps will have a race to organise after all. But just in case the cold weather has sapped your appetite for motorsport, you can watch European ice racing’s final fling from the comfort of your living room.    

Andros Trophy / Pilot Bike, Round 6, Clermont/Superbesse Wednesday, 4th February, 17:00 AMA Supercross / AMA Lites There’s a reason why our cousins Stateside have a nasty habit of steamrollering all before them at the prestigious annual Motocross of Nations and it’s called the AMA Supercross championship. Action from the second round of the 2009 campaign comes from Chase Field, Arizona where America’s premier two-wheeled dirtsters will be vying for glory.

AMA Supercross, Round 2, Chase FieldTuesday, 3rd February, 19:00British Rallycross Open ReviewWith the new season now looming large on the horizon, what better way to ease yourself back into the Rallycross fold than with last year’s Open Championship best bits repackaged for your enjoyment? It’s supercar-performance-meets-family-hatchback-looks in the asphalt/gravel crossover that’s mounting a comeback after a decade in the wilderness.    British Rallycross Open ReviewSunday, 1st February, 18:00

 Canadian Rally Championship

Ever wondered why Canada has never hosted a round of the WRC? Granted, it’s not a question that would immediately spring to mind but just think about it; vast forests, sweeping gravel roads, glacial mountainsides and sparkling lakes. It’s a rally driver’s dream destination and TV production heaven. Thankfully, the locals saw the appeal back in 1957 and, half a century on, so at last have we. That’s why Motors TV will be carrying coverage of the Canadian Rally Championship in 2009, kicking off with the opening round this week from Perce Neige. Canadian Rally Championship, Round 1, Perce NeigeMonday, 2nd February, 23:30

Formula 4 Stroke PowerboatsThe teams make the short hop from Liverpool across to the Isle of Man for the final round of the 2008 Formula 4 Stroke campaign where the rough seas should make the crews’ lives anything less than – drum roll please – plain sailing. 

Formula 4 Stroke, Round 5, Isle of ManFriday, 6th February, 20:00

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