Formula Master fastest in Misano

Formula Master team Cram Competition took to the track last week in Misano, Italy, with two cars driven by 2008 Italian Formula 3 Vice-Champion Edoardo Piscopo, who set the fastest lap of the day, and 16-year-old Alessandro Vita Kouzkin.

Piscopo's best time of 1:31.18 was closely matched by Kouzkin who set a fastest lap of 1:31.80 on the Thursday. Both Formula Master drivers posted times ahead of the Formula 3 teams attending, as well as other Formulae that were present.

Completing 70 laps each on the day for Cram Competition, both drivers ran without problems and were only hindered by the lack of grip on the track, as Cram Competition Team Principal Marcello Rosei explains:

"We had a very good test but it was the first time that cars took to the track after the winter break, so there was little grip to begin with. It was quite hard to drive to start with, however conditions improved throughout the day.

"Piscopo set a good time but could have been even better; we had the potential to set a lap in the 1:28.00 easily but had already used our tyre allocation by the time the track came into its own. Edoardo gave really good feedback; he particularly liked the gearbox on the Formula Master car, whilst Kouzkin did a great job keeping up with Piscopo's times considering how much younger he is."

Collective testing - Misano

1. Piscopo, Cram Competition, 1:31.18, 70 laps (Formula Master)

2. Kouzkin, Cram Competition, 1:31.80, 70 laps (Formula Master)

3. Zampieri, RP, 1:33.18, 54 laps (Formula 3) 4. Leo, Ghinzani, 1:34.00, 60 laps (Formula 3) 5. Faccin, Corbetta, 1:34.20, 80 laps (Formula 3) 6. Cicognani, Ghinzani, 1:34.31, 56 laps (Formula 3) 7. Cicatelli, Corbetta, 1:34.60, 70 laps (Formula 3) 8. Prandi, Lucidi, 1.34:70, 85 laps (Formula 3) 9. Glorioso, Gloria, 1.34:71, 80 laps (Formula 3) 10. Cinti, Corbetta, 1.34:90, 80 laps (Formula 3) 11. Fumanelli, RP, 1.35:50, 33 laps (Formula 3) 12. Barri, Cram, 1.38:10, 87 laps (Formula Renault) 13. Zipoli, Tjemme, 1.38:34, 31 laps (Formula Renault) 14. Miccoli, CO2, 1.38:72, 97 laps (Formula Renault) 15. Davenia, Cram, 1.39:10, 80 laps (Formula Renault) 16. Castiglioni, CO2, 1.39:46, 86 laps (Formula Renault) 17. Amaduzzi, Gloria, 1.41:93, 88 laps (Formula Gloria) 18. Torsellini, Corbetta, 1.47:20, 95 laps (Formula Azzurra)

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