US Speedway on Motors TV

“USA National Speedway 2008” comes to Motors TV on March 22nd when we start our marathon 17 consecutive week run of one of the most spectacular events in world motorsport.

Coverage from last year's US Speedway scene features notable names such as former World Champion Billy Hamill as well as current and former British League riders Billy Janniro, Mike Faria, Chris Manchester, Bobby Schwartz and Shawn McConnell.  In addition to seeing some of the United States' top riders go head-to-head, viewers will have the opportunity to witness some of the best racing from the world famous Costa Mesa stadium which last year celebrated its 40th anniversary of Speedway.

What is more, the series presents America’s most important Speedway events including the US Nationals and AMA National Championships.  The season of speed will even end with the USA's only test match of 2008 when they took on the Rest of the World, offering a line-up complete with notable names such as Lubos Tomicek, former world finalist Phil Collins and German international Martin Smolinski.

Alex Raby, producer of "USA National Speedway 2008" said: "It is a great honour that Motors TV have chosen to dedicate us a primetime television slot on Sunday at 8pm and a sign of the appeal of Speedway as a motorsport.  I believe that in return we offer a fantastic product with sheer entertainment value and the fact that it is to be shown multiple times per week is representative of just what we offer.

“Fans are given a pure racing spectacle, an hour of gladiatorial Speedway combat with racing from start to finish.  For the many who have campaigned for Speedway to be shown more widely on television, this is a day of great pleasure for you.  The racing is fast from the very start and the events are world class and include National Championships."

“Bike racing has always been one of the top-rated motorsports on the channel,” added Motors TV Head of Programming & Acquisitions Frédéric Viger. “We know from past experience that Speedway is a favourite amongst our viewers so when the possibility of broadcasting its very best championship arose, we didn’t have to think twice.

“We’re confident it will be a hit. This is hopefully just the first step as we’re working very closely with Alex Raby to bring much more Speedway to the channel in the future.”

Catch Motors TV’s US Speedway coverage premier each Sunday night from 8pm, kicking off with the Spring Classic on March 22nd. Don’t worry if you miss it though as we’ll have repeats throughout the week, including a regular Tuesday evening slot from 6pm and Friday nights at 11.

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