(SPEEDWAY 1)KING'S Lynn have moved quickly to replace John Oliver by snapping up Emiliano Sanchez on loan from Sheffield.Sanchez won the Premier League title with Hull in 2004 and spent last season with Stoke.Stars boss Rob Lyon said: "Emiliano has good pedigree and is a great all round rider who will score well at away tracks and in all honesty I can't believe he wasn't snapped up by another club."(SPEEDWAY 2)COVENTRY'S talented British youngster Ben Barker has been added to the line-up for Birmingham's opening meeting on Wednesday, March 18.Barker will race in the Alan Hunt Memorial Trophy alongside holder David Howe and former champion Andre Compton.Birmingham boss Graham Drury said: "I rate Ben highly and I feel sure he's in for an exciting season with Coventry. He's a great addition to the line-up for opening night."

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