“Barnstorming Maine” Road Tour

set for June 8-12, 2009

 All-new routes to be driven at a relaxed pace along Maine’s breathtaking coastline and rolling, green interior will be part of the fourth annual Barnstorming Maine classic auto road tour, June 8-12.

Organized by the Maine Tourism Association, Barnstorming Maine’s vehicle participation is limited to 25 classic, limited production and specialty cars, which have ranged from 1970s Ferraris and Jaguar E-Types to restored Corvettes. Rental classic cars are available for those who do not own such a vehicle.

Brian Redman, a retired international sports car road racing champion, now an advisor for road rally tours and promoter of races for Vintage and Historic race cars, is again assisting with arrangements and serving as advisor for the event.

Redman was born in England, where he narrowly escaped a career in his family’s grocery business. He now lives in Vero Beach, FL. Redman says developing an affinity for Maine was easy. “Winding roads, leading to unexpected, glorious views is very much like parts of England, Wales and Scotland. This area of the U.S. is not called ‘New England’ for nothing!”

The Maine Tourism Association, a statewide, non-profit organization with nearly 1650 members, sponsors Barnstorming Maine as an opportunity to both showcase the beauty and character of Maine, and to provide financial aid to worthy Maine historic projects.

“Past historic projects supported by Barnstorming Maine participants have made possible donations totaling more than $8,000 to historic sites in Maine. This year’s event will allow us to make a donation of $2,000 to be used for restoration work on the Woodlawn Carriage Barn at the Black Mansion in Ellsworth, Maine," said Vaughn Stinson, Chief Executive Officer of the Maine Tourism Association.

            Entry fee, due prior to May 8, is $3,950 for a car and two participants, and covers all accommodations, meals, gratuities, parking and security.

This year’s tour begins June 8th at the Bar Harbor Hotel – Blue Nose Inn with a welcome reception. The next morning, following a lavish breakfast, participants will drive the 135-mile Curran Homestead Route. The highlight this day will be the Woodlawn Carriage Barn at the Black Mansion in Ellsworth

Wednesday’s drive is the shortest of the three days, 95 easy miles, through Mount Desert Island, The highlights this day will be the Asticou Azalea Gardens, Cadillac Mountain and the The Seal Cove Auto Museum. The evening will culminate with a Lobster Bake.

The final day will be a scenic “Downeast” run of 116 miles through areas which produce 60% of the world’s wild blueberry crop. The highlights this day will be the Bartlett Winery and the Schoodic Education and Research Center.

From its Genesis four years ago, the idea of Barnstorming Maine was to take visitors away from Interstate 95 and show them the visual and cultural diversity that is Maine,” said Vaughn Stinson.

“I’m enthusiastic about the three days we’ve planned for this year’s event,” he added. “We’re going to show our guests a lot of historic architecture, both the man-made variety and that which Mother Nature has taken millions of years to perfect.”

Barnstorming Maine route information, registration details and printable forms are available online at BarnstormingMaine.com.

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