Finlay Driver/Team Management Program

Management Offers Services From Choosing a Racing School to Forming Your Own Team

Infineon Raceway, CA (Feb. 28) – The formation of Finlay Motorsports Driver & Race Team Management was announced today by Finlay Motorsports President Rob Finlay.  This new division of Finlay Motorsports will provide a comprehensive suite of motorsports-related services designed to assist drivers at every stage of their careers from karting through the top levels of professional racing.  Services include everything from choosing the right racing school or series, planning a budget and negotiating contracts to driver coaching, physical/ mental preparation, engineering/car setup training, web sites and public relations.

Drivers already on the roster include graduates of the Finlay Motorsports Driver Development Program, such as NASCAR racer Michael McDowell, Daytona Prototype standout Michael Valiante and rising open-wheel and endurance racer Dane Cameron. 

"Finding your way through the maze of modern motorsports is a complex challenge that even the best drivers and teams can use help with," says Finlay, a experienced businessman/racing driver.  "We've structured Finlay Motorsports Driver & Race Team Management to serve a wide range of situations, whether you're a businessman looking to fulfill your dream of going racing, a young hotshoe who needs advice about the right path to get your career started, a seasoned pro negotiating your contract or an owner looking to build or re-structure a team.  We can help you make the right choices, cut the best deal and put together a winning effort quickly and efficiently."

Principals in Finlay Motorsports Driver & Race Team Management include Rob Finlay, CEO of Hillcrest Management, LLC, a private investment company and a five-year veteran of Grand-Am competition; Steve Cameron, a thirty-year veteran racer, driver coach and team manager; Rick Cameron, a championship-winning engineer; noted Indy-car and prototype racer Memo Gidley; media relations expert and journalist Peter Frey; and standout graphic designer Maurice Tani.

"A winning racing effort is all about efficiency and making the absolute most of both the human and financial resources you have available as a driver and a team," says Steve Cameron, President of Operations for Finlay Driver and Race Team Management.  "The service we provide, whether your budget is limited or substantial, is to make sure that none of that time, effort and money is wasted on trial and error, that every hour and every dollar is spent on the right equipment, people and services to produce the best results."

The first client of Finlay Motorsports Driver & Race Team Management is rising open-wheel and sports car star Dane Cameron, son of Technical Director Rick Cameron and nephew of President of Operations Steve Cameron.  Currently the full-season co-driver with Doug Peterson in the #30 Racers Edge Mazda RX-8, his career has been a model of carefully-crafted steps up the motorsports ladder. 

"My career provides a detailed diagram of how effective Finlay Driver and Race Team Management really is, because I've been guided every step of the way by the same experts who created the program," says the 19 year-old veteran from Sonoma, California.  "They've helped me with everything from picking which kart to race in which series to which team to sign with when I made the move to cars and negotiated my contracts as I moved up.  They taught me how to get the best out of my car, my engineer and my team and how to think strategically and look not just at the next corner or the next race, but to take the long view and position myself for the best result.  This has been immensely valuable to me and my career, and now that same level of expertise is available to other drivers and teams."

Services provided by the Finlay Motorsports Driver Development Program include:



RACE SERIES SELECTION                              




DRIVER COACHING                                        


KARTING PROGRAMS                                    





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