12 - 15 March 2009

Rally Route

Much has changed since the WRC's last visit to Cyprus in 2006.  Most of the competitive distance is new and while the holiday resort of Limassol remains the base, there is a new service park alongside the seafront in the town's Germasogeia area. 

After Thursday evening's start ceremony at Limassol's Palais des Sports, Friday's asphalt leg is based on the western edge of the Troodos mountains, north of Paphos, and is the longest of the rally. 

The bulk of Saturday's action is located in the centre of the Troodos before Sunday's final leg returns to the west.  Although it contains only three stages, Sunday will be a true sting in the tail with one test of more than 40km and another of more than 30km – the only stage remaining from the 2006 itinerary. 

Only one gravel stage will be used more than once and drivers tackle 14 stages covering 332.07km in a route of 1198.00km.

Thursday 12 March: Ceremonial start

Start   Palais des Sports, Limassol                     20.00

Friday 13 March: Day 1 Limassol - Limassol

Start   Limassol                                08.00 SS1     Panagia 1                       30.33km 09.23 SS2     Mylikouri 1                       7.37km        10.21 SS3     Gerakies 1                      29.40km 10.46 Serv A  Limassol (30 mins)                              12.41 SS4     Panagia 2                       30.33km 14.34 SS5     Mylikouri 2                       7.37km        15.32 SS6     Gerakies 2                      29.40km 15.57 Serv B  Limassol (45 mins)                              17.35 Finish  Limassol                                18.20

Total                               134.20km

Saturday 14 March: Day 2 Limassol - Limassol

Serv C  Limassol (15 mins)                              07.00 SS7     Anadiou Dam 1                   11.70km 08.43 SS8     Pano Panagia                    28.17km 09.11 SS9     Orkontas                        18.54km 11.19 Serv D  Limassol (30 mins)                              13.09 SS10    Xyliatos                        30.94km 15.17 SS11    Kourdali                        26.25km 16.20 Serv E  Limassol (45 mins)                              18.18 Finish  Limassol                        19.03

Total                           115.60km

Sunday 15 March: Day 3 Limassol - Limassol

Serv F  Limassol (15 mins)                              08.00 SS12    Foini           30.03km 09.18 RSZ G   Anadiou Dam (15 mins)                   10.18 SS13    Anadiou                 40.54km 10.49 SS14    Anadiou Dam 2                   11.70km 12.02 Serv H  Limassol (10 mins)                              14.00 Finish  Limassol                        14.20

Total                             82.27km Rally total                         332.07km

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