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SWINDON and Birmingham have both extended their local community links with charitable support in the coming season.The Robins will carry the name of Prospect Hospice on their race-suits and plan a family fundraising day as well as other events to offer their support.Meanwhile the Brummies' team sponsors BRC Roofing have donated theirrace-jacket advertising space to Birmingham Children's Hospital, and a successful launch took place earlier this week.


ITALIAN star Guglielmo Franchetti will miss Berwick's season launch and opening challenge matches against Newcastle.Franchetti is required by the Italian governing body to attend a two-day training session followed the next week by the national championships. SeanStoddart has been booked to stand in. Bandits boss Dave Peet said: "It will be worth having Guglielmo away for our challenge matches with the benefits we will get on his return." 

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