Renault Day 2 in Barcelona

ING Renault F1 Team and Fernando Alonso continue working in Barcelona on tuesday

Fernando Alonso, R29-01, 111 laps, 506 km, fastest lap 1:21.937

The ING Renault F1 Team completed a second day of work in Barcelona yesterday as Fernando Alonso took over the R29 from Nelson Piquet to continue the team's preparations for the new season.

The team made the most of ideal weather conditions to complete maximum mileage as various new development items were evaluated. Fernando also concentrated on exploring set-up options and worked on the mechanical balance of the car.

Fernando remains in the car until Thursday when the team will conclude its work here in Barcelona.

Fernando Alonso: "It was another good day for us, again covering lots of laps as we continue to get ready for the start of the season later this month. The track conditions were good and we tried lots of things with the set-up, which has given us lots of useful data to look through tonight. We also worked on the aero and mechanical balance of the car with some interesting results. "

Christian Silk, Chief Test Engineer: "Another positive day with good reliability from the car. We managed to make good progress working steadily through the programme and got a lot of set-up work done and also did a bit of aerodynamic work in preparation for the first race in Melbourne. The car seems to be behaving well and responding nicely to the changes."

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