Rally Raid teams put ..

Hankook tyres to the ultimate test

Hankook tyres are set to be put through their paces this month in one of the toughest tests possible as Rally Raid International uses Hankooks on the Tuareg Rally in Morocco.

Billed as the perfect training event to the legendary Dakar Rally, the Tuareg Rally is a desert race for 4x4 vehicles, lasts eight days and covers some 1,500 miles of the toughest terrain in Morocco including the Atlas mountains.

Rally Raid has become a leader in the field of desert race car manufacture and provides support services in addition to vehicles for teams and individuals looking to compete in the Dakar, the Tuareg and other desert rallies.

This year Rally Raid has five cars competing in the event together with a comprehensive support fleet of vans and trucks – with Hankook tyres fitted to the 4x4s taking part and key service trucks supplied through Watling Tyres.

Martin Coulson from Rally Raid said the company has successfully used Hankook tyres on support vehicles on the Dakar Rally with huge success and using them on competition cars was a natural progression.

“We have several large pick-up trucks we have used on Dakar and the Hankook tyres just don’t wear out or show signs of damage – we have tried to destroy them but it’s one of the few times we have had at admit defeat. They are so much better than those we had fitted previously,’’ said Martin. “Working with Watling Tyres and Hankook we will be assessing the tyres in some very tricky conditions and look forward to how they perform.’’

Hankook motorsport manager Mike Patterson said he was delighted that the tyres could be tested in such conditions.

 “Hankook has a great reputation in the 4x4 and van markets and while few people drive their vehicles in such conditions it will be interesting to see how durable and efficient they are in Morocco and how we can use competition experience to further develop our tyres for consumers.’’

The Tuareg Rally gets underway on Sunday March 22.

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