Ridiculous plans to cut NSL

It's no good complaining when these clowns have pushed this through - you must have your voice heard now!

Ministers plan to cut national speed limit to 50mphMinisters announced last week their plans to cut the national speed limit from 60mph to 50mph.This lower limit will be enforced with a new generation of average speed cameras (SPECS) which can measure your average speed across a distance of up to six miles. These are basically number plate reading cameras which take a digital photo of your car or bike and stamp it with the time date and place. It then stores this information in a database and when you pass the next camera and another picture is taken it compares the two and works out how fast you were going.There is a petition on the Downing Street website to stop this nonsense which you can sign by clicking the link.Feel free to sign it as a Drivers' Alliance supporter.http://petitions.number10.gov.uk/noNSLreduction/The news was followed up with a tabloid style rant by a Times columnist who believes artificially low speed limits are a sign of civilisation and not an overbearing, dictatorial nanny state.You can read what he said - The Times report - by clicking here

We believe building new roads can reduce congestion and save lives.

Unfortunately, the folk at the Campaign for Better Transport believe otherwise and actively try to prevent any road building.New roads clearly alleviate congestion and provide safer journeys. Spain has been building thousands of miles of new road capacity over the past few years and congestion is almost non existant except in the major cities.One clear indication of their success is the drastic reduction in road deaths.Figures from the ABD show that 2,182 were killed in 2008, some 559 fewer than the previous year. Despite Spain having a similar number of vehicles on the road as the UK, the most recent fatality figure in the UK was 2,946. Trends over the past fifteen years have seen Spain more than halve their annual fatality figure despite rapid traffic growth whilst here in the UK we have only seen a reduction of around 20%.Spain, unlike the UK has invested greatly in engineering, ironing out blackspots, realigning and junctions, bypassing towns and villages and replacing the most dangerous roads with dual carriageways. They have also relied on good old fashioned policing.We should be doing the same.

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