Expanded Manufacturers/Constructors ..

 title announced

An expanded 'BTCC Manufacturers'/Constructors' title will be up for grabs in this year's HiQ MSA British Touring Car Championship.

The title will broaden from the existing Manufacturers' Trophy and is eligible for manufacturers and/or teams who design and build their own cars.

Of this season's entry list, the Vauxhall/VX Racing, Honda/Team Dynamics and Ford/Team Aon entries will all be eligible to fight for the championship. VXR and Dynamics have entered their own self-developed Vauxhall Vectra and Honda Civic during the past two seasons whilst in 2009 they will be joined as a manufacturer/constructor by Team Aon with its new Ford Focus ST.

Points will be allocated as per the previous Manufacturers' Trophy - to the top two cars across the line to be nominated by each entrant prior to race day.

It is important to note that both Team Dynamics and Team Aon, who are not manufacturer-backed, may still be eligible for Independents' honours - providing of course that they meet the normal criteria.

BTCC Series Director Alan Gow commented: "This expanded championship will produce added competition within that category, whilst also providing greater recognition for those teams who have used the BTCC's local homologation regulations to introduce cars of their own design, as opposed to those who have bought cars already developed by other manufacturers and/or teams."