MSA launches Code of Conduct

to improve standards of behaviour

The Motor Sports Association has unveiled a Code of Conduct in a bid to improve behaviour at motor sport events.

The new Code has been incorporated into the 2009 Blue Book on page 75, under paragraph 49 of the National Sporting Code and the governing body is now urging all competitors and officials to acquaint themselves with the wording before the season begins. The MSA is also warning those that do not adhere to the spirit of the Code that they will be dealt with as severely as possible by the authorities.

Colin Hilton, MSA Chief Executive:

"We have been seeing a rise in anecdotal reports of bad behaviour at events and that is clearly not acceptable. The MSA has a duty to protect everyone involved in motor sport, so we are making it clear to everyone what is expected of them. This applies not only to licence holders, but also to teams, supporters and of course MSA officials. Motor sport events will always be competitive environments, but it should be possible to compete hard and retain respect for others at the same time."

MSA Code of Conduct

The Motor Sports Association expects you, and your associates, at all times to:

Abide by the MSA regulations Respect the decisions of event officials Treat all competitors, marshals and officials equally with respect Maintain the highest standards of driving behaviour Conduct yourself in a proper manner at all times and always behave in the best interests of UK motor sport Make every effort to minimise the impact of your activities on the environment around you Abuse

The Motor Sports Association will not tolerate any form of abuse or aggression towards officials, marshals, spectators and competitors.

The Motor Sports Association and the National Court will impose the most stringent sanction against any transgression.


You are reminded that participation in motor sport carries an inherent risk and the ultimate responsibility for safety lies with the individual. The Motor Sports Association urges you to make the maximum possible effort to ensure your own safety at all times.

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