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The first stage of Nextel Stock Car 2009 was extremely disputed, and in the final the victory belonged to Paulo Salustiano (Mega Energy), from  pole position.

"I am super happy, neither it believed that would be possible this result. We had a lot of problems in this year principle, so much of sponsorship like with small problems in the new car", said the winner. "Be in the podium next to two pilots that accompanied your performances by the television abroad is something fantastic. In the race had a very good car, however had to have economized a little the car at the beginning. Was only bothered with Zonta that forced very the bar trying to overtake me, but that is same race thing", talked still the pilot, that thanked firstly God by the result, after to your team and your family that always has the supported.

From the  start Salustiano was accompanied closely by Thiago Camilo. On four lap Camilo had problems with the gear box

In the middle of the race several cars  touched - and introduced a safety var period.

In restart the menace to Salustiano came from Ricardo Zonta, who had passed Ricardo Maurício.   Zonta's attacks became ever more more aggressive, with several touches to Salustiano which eventually put Zonta out of contention. 

Salustiano took his first win in Nextel Stock Car, followed by Ricardo Maurício and with Antonio Pizzonia completing the podium. With the result Salustiano took 28 points and has an advantage of eight over  Ricardo Maurício the current champion. Antonio Pizzonia occupies the third place in the table with 16 points.

Nextel's next stage happens in the next day on April, 12, in Autódromo Internacional de Curitiba (PR).

Result of first stage of Nextel Stock Car:

1º) 55 - Paulo Salustiano (CA, SP), 25 laps in 46:49.8132º) 90 - Ricardo Mauricio (CA , SP), 1.6773º) 1 - Antonio Pizzonia (P3 , AM),  2.0284º) 29 - Daniel Serra (P3 , SP),  2.1825º) 11 - Nonô Figueiredo (CA , SP),  4.5166º) 63 - Lico Kaesemodel (CA , PR),  10.1097º) 51 - Atila Abreu (CA , SP),  17.6468º) 18 - Allam Khodair (P3 , SP),  18.3959º) 9 - Giuliano Losacco (P3 , SP),  22.80010º) 99 - Xandinho Negrão (CA , SP),  26.68311º) 77 - Valdeno Brito (P3 , PB),  30.79312º) 35 - David Muffato (P3 , PR),  35.73113º) 0 - Cacá Bueno (P3 , RJ),  39.07014º) 44 - Norberto Gresse (CA , SP),  44.22015º) 5 - Enrique Bernoldi (P3 , PR),  44.89016º) 7 - Thiago Marques (P3 , PR),  1:07.87017º) 6 - Alceu Feldmann (CA , PR), 1 lap18º) 23 - Duda Pamplona (CA , RJ),  3 laps19º) 15 - Antonio Jorge Neto (P3 , SP),  3  laps20º) 74 - Popó Bueno (CA , RJ),  4  laps21º) 20 - Ricardo Sperafico (P3 , PR),  4  laps22º) 65 - Max Wilson (CA , SP),  4  laps23º) 3 - Chico Serra (P3 , SP),  5  laps24º) 8 - Pedro Gomes (CA , SP),  11  laps25º) 33 - Felipe Maluhy (P3 , SP),  21  laps26º) 21 - Thiago Camilo (CA , SP),  22  laps27º) 37 - Claudio Capparelli (P3 , RJ),  24  laps28º) 14 - Luciano Burti (CA , SP),  24  laps

Best Lap: Thiago Camilo, 1:41.206 (153,27 km/h)

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