Red Bull Sepang Practice

Car 15 SEBASTIAN VETTEL, 1st Practice P9, 2nd Practice P3"The heat in Malaysia is always a surprise, even if you're here for a couple of daysbefore you jump in the car. It's very hot with the suit and everything and, no matterhow much you prepare, the first outing is always a bad surprise - but, you quicklyadapt. Every time you come in to the box it's like you've been in the shower.Fortunately I've got a bag with dry ice in it, which I put next to my balls, so at leastthey stay nice and cool! Today went well, with smooth running. We ran through ourprogramme, did a lot of laps and got a lot of information about our tyres. Therewere no major problems with either car, so it was a good day."

Car 14 MARK WEBBER, 1st Practice, P8 2nd Practice P5"Today was a lot better for us in terms of reliability than Friday in Melbourne, so itwas a big step forward. Both cars ran well and obviously it's a big challenge for thecars around here with the heat, so that's good. We got all of our programmecompleted in plenty of time. Performance wise, we're not too bad here. We have abit of work to do tonight, but in general it was a pretty good day for the team and forme."

STATISTICSSEBASTIAN VETTELFirst Practice SessionPosition: 9, Best Time: 1:36.747, Laps: 25, Chassis No. 1Second Practice SessionPosition: 3, Best Time: 1:35.954, Laps: 40, Chassis No. 1

MARK WEBBERFirst Practice SessionPosition: 8, Best Time: 1:36.703, Laps: 23, Chassis No. 2Second Practice SessionPosition: 5, Best Time 1:36.026, Laps: 36, Chassis No. 2

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