Swiss Conquer Imola ..

 With Trottet And Kessel Teams

• Marcel Fässler and Joël Camathias win second race• Ferrari beats Porsche twice in first 2009 round• Kessel’s Peter-Broniszewski take second GTS win• Rugolo-Ricci take lead in overall standingsIt was a perfect day for Ferrari and Swiss colors, as the Prancing Horse took victory in both Super GT and GTS in the Imola GT Open, the second race of the inaugural event of the 2009 International GT Open: Trottet Racing with Marcel Fässler and Joël Camathias won another exciting race, on a track drying progressively after a big storm, while Kessel Racing repeated yesterday’s success with Philipp Peter and Michal Broniszewski.

The Megadrive Ferrari of Cioci-Perazzini was an excellent second overall, preceding the Autorlando Porsche of Lietz-Roda, which dominated the first part of the race. Fourth was Saturday’s winner, the Advanced Engineering Ferrari of Michele Rugolo and Giacomo Ricci, who are the first leaders in the overall standings.

The start of the race was given behind the safety-car as the track was soaked after a rainy morning, but the track went drying progressively, although it remained humidand slippery for the entire race. Poleman Lietz took the lead ahead of Pilet, Cioci, Fässler, Gianmaria and Ricci.While Gianmaria lost ground quite quickly because of a brake problem, Fässler climbed to second and started pressing Lietz, generating a superb duel but never managing to pass the Austrian. The first four came in for driver change at the same time, with again the Autorlando Porsche losing some time in restarting the engine.

After the pit stop and serving the handicaps, it was Camathias leading comfortably in the Trottet Ferrari, 15 seconds ahead of Perazzini and Roda, who had passed Narac, later overtaken also by Rugolo and Bonetti, who were charging from behind, while Montermini took seventh ahead of Couceiro, who suffered a spin.

The GTS race saw a clear domination of the Kessel Ferraris of Bontempelli-Livio and Btoniszewski-Peter, despite having both to serve a drive-through for not keeping their position during the start phase under yellow. Unfortunately, Livio could not collect adeserved win, as his gearbox broke in the very last meters, leaving team-mate Peter conquer a second win. The Kessel squad also brought its third car to the podium, with Earle-Kuzminikh. In between the two Ferraris, second place was again for the consistent Villois AstonMartin of Wiser-Lancieri, while the FR Vipers, which had been in good position in the early phases were slowed down in the second half of the race.Championship Standings after round 2 of 16


1. Rugolo-Ricci, 32 points; 2. Roda-Lietz, 26; 3. Fässler-Camathias, 26;4. Narac-Pilet, 22; 5. Cioci-Perazzini and Peter-Broniszewski, 20; 7. Bonetti-Gianmariaand Wiser-Lancieri, 16; 9. Gião-Couceiro, 12; 10. Julià-Da Costa, 7; etc

Super GT: 1. Rugolo-Ricci, 14 points; 2. Roda-Lietz, 12; 3. Fässler-Camathias, 10;4. Narac-Pilet e Cioci-Perazzini, 8; etc

GTS: 1.

Peter-Broniszewski, 20 points; 2. Wiser-Lancieri, 16; 3. Julià-Da Costa, 7;4. Petrini-Guerrero and Earle-Kuzminikh, 6; etcSuper GT Teams: 1. Autorlando Sport, 16 points; 2. Advanced Engineering, 14; 3.Trottet Racing, 10; 4. IMSA Performance and Megadrive, 8; 6. Edil Cris, 6.

GTS Teams: 1. Kessel Racing, 26 points; 2. Villois Racing, 22; 3. Roger Racing and FRMotorsport, 7.

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