Mr Zapcat Round UK Singlehanded

Neil Bainbrige - aka - is made of the right stuff

In a couple of month's time - he plans to pilot a “Gemini Zapcat” power-boat around the UK to raise funds for two major charities:

•CLIC Cancer and Leukaemia in Children •RNLI  Royal National Lifeboat Institution

It sounds easy doesn’t it?  However...

•This craft is only 4m long with little to no protection from the elements•He will only be stopping to refuel•He is disabled, having one arm only.

Which is why he is truly... ‘Going Round Britain Single-Handed’!

When he is not doing crazy stuff like this he can be found restoring and race preparing classic Porsche racecars - from old school 911 2.8 RSR's to absolutely barking 800 BHP 935's..

Neil is doing this for some very worthy causes - so go and visit his site - and see if you give him some support:

Click here for the Official Mr Zapcat web site - designed and built by Racecar

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