Historic Road Sports Championship

supported by Zircotec

Heat Management specialist Zircotec is to support historic race series.

Heat management specialist Zircotec is supporting the 2009 Historic Road Sports Championship, a race series run by the Historic Sports Car Club (HSCC) for classic production sports cars. Zircotec’s technology helps provide modern comfort, performance, reliability and durability, plus a long-lasting period look, for any classic vehicle, making the company ideally placed to work with the Historic Sports Car Club and its 2009 race series.

“Because of age, design and traditional materials, most classic cars have poor thermal management, and this is especially critical when racing,” explains Zircotec managing director Terry Graham. “As extra championship points are awarded for cars driven to and from the circuit on the road, reliability can be enhanced with our products.”

Zircotec’s zirconia-based ceramic coating offers racers a robust, easily packaged solution that can dramatically inhibit the transfer of heat from exhausts, retaining the heat inside the system to protect surrounding components.

Originally developed by the Atomic Energy Authority for the nuclear energy industry, the coating has demonstrated exhaust system surface temperature reductions of almost one third, and under bonnet temperature reductions in some applications of as much as 50ºC, helping to eliminate fuel vaporisation and damage to surrounding paintwork and sensitive electrical parts such as alternators or wiring.

The coatings are proven in motorsport to increase performance and come in a range of colours allowing racers to replicate period finishes such as white asbestos, suiting the looks of the championship’s sports and GT cars.

"We are proud to support the HSCC’s prestigious and popular classic cars series," continues Graham. “Zircotec's technicians will also be on hand to help drivers with their heat management issues, offering advice and recommendations at each race.”

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