Bernoulli Joins Toro Rosso

Scuderia Toro Rosso is pleased to announce that Daniel Bernoulli has joined the team to head up the new Diffuser Task Force. The Swiss airflow specialist is credited with discovering the principle of undercar flow, known universally as the “Bernoulli Principle.”

“I am honoured to be working alongside him,” commented Technical Director, Giorgio Ascanelli

Sebastien Buemi (STR4-01)“I think these high temperatures will make life difficult for everyone, but we aremaking sure we are as well prepared as possible to deal with the heat. At themoment, I feel good in the car although we still need to work to improve, eventhough it is difficult to say what our lap times mean, as we don’t know what fuelloads the others were running. I am happy with the car, even if it can always bebetter, as I lacked traction coming out of the slow corners and occasionally, Ilocked the front wheels under braking.”

First Practice SessionBest lap 1.35.369, pos. 20th, 15 lapsSecond Practice SessionBest lap 1.34.127, pos. 13th, 37 laps

Sebastien Bourdais(STR4-02)“The track has changed a lot from the morning to the afternoon session and thathas made it difficult to assess the two types of tyre. It seems that the difference inbehaviour between the Prime and the Option is very much related to the tracktemperature increase. Therefore, this afternoon it was difficult to assess theeffect of changes we made to the car as the conditions changed. But as alwayson a Friday, it is nearly impossible to evaluate where you are compared to theothers, until qualifying. 13th and 14th is not where we want to be tomorrow, but wewill work hard now and then see what happens.”

First Practice SessionBest lap 1.35.353, pos. 19th, 22 lapsSecond Practice SessionBest lap 1.34.366, pos. 14th, 26 laps

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