Regalia finishes 11th in Italian Formula 3 after collision

Team Ghinzani´s Argentinean driver was sixth on the starting grid despite his problems during free practice sessions on Friday. During Sarurday´s race, a collision forced him to pit.

Facu Regalia has finished 11th in the first race of Italian Formula 3 championship held this Saturday at Vallelunga. Regalia, who had different set-up problems on Friday, improved in qualifying session to set sixth fastest time. His lap, 1:30.678, was good enough to start from third row on the grid.

However, Regalia didn´t have a good start, because he lost four places. “I have to admit it was my fault today. I made a terrible start and I dropped from sixth to tenth place. Then I tried to overtake Maxime Jousse, and we had an interesting close battle. After I managed to overtake him, he hit me and he went ahead again. Then, just before a slow corner, he braked very early, and I hit him”, Regalia explained at the end. “My first thought was to continue, but my front wing was damaged, and my engineer called me to change it. When I returned to the track, my car was suffering from heavy vibrations because my tires was harmed as a result of my hard braking during collision”, Regalia told too.

For Sunday´s race, according to Regalia, “we will use our today´s set-up. It works OK, and I start from third place on the starting grid. If I manage to make a good start, maybe I could achieve a podium finish. My weekend was terrible until now, and I hope it can improve in the end”.