Ocean Racing Technology prepares for 2012 at Jerez

After wrapping up its 2011 season of the GP2 Series two weeks ago at Monza,Ocean Racing Technology is already turning toward 2012. This week, thePortuguese team will be taking part in the first off-season tests at Jerez,September 28 and 29, before heading to Barcelona for a second sessionscheduled for October 19 and 20, and finally, on to Abu Dhabi for anexhibition race the same weekend as the F1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.At Jerez, four drivers will share the wheel of the Ocean Racing Technologycars: Antonio Felix da Costa, Stephane Richelmi, James Calado, and YukiShiraishi. For Ocean's CEOs, Tiago Monteiro and Jose Guedes, "The objectiveof these tests is to determine which drivers will be part of the team in2012, but also to experiment with several technical solutions that wegenerally did not get a chance to test in the regular season. Regarding thedrivers, the four that we selected are all excellent and have differentlevels of experience but they all have their speed in common. We are certainthat these two days will be productive."Antonio Felix da Costa has set his objectives: "The goal is to gather asmuch information as possible regarding the car, because our ambition is totake part in the GP2 Series in 2012. I have already driven with Ocean in2009 and I feel good with this Portuguese team that I know well."Stephane Richelmi, from Monaco, got his start in the GP2 Series two weeksago at Monza, and is delighted to be joining the team "I know I will learn alot during these tests and I am sure that Tiago's experience will help me toadapt. I do not know the Jerez circuit and so this week will be totally new,both in terms of the car and the track."Yuki Shiraishi will be taking the wheel of a GP2 series car for the firsttime in his career. "It will be the first time that I will be taking thewheel of such a powerful car. I want to get the most out of this experienceand take this chance to prepare for the future. This test is a bigchallenge, but my objective is to race in GP3 or F3."Runner up in the 2011 GP3 Series, James Calado explained, "I am eager todrive the GP2 Series car for the first time. I will be on the track for twodays and so I will have the time I need to adapt to the power and braking.My objective is to be fast throughout the tests, but my priority is to learnthe car and figure out its behavior. It's definitely a very different carfrom the GP3 Series car."