Guy Martin Blog

Relentless Suzuki by TAS Racing's International road race star, tea drinker and TV personality Guy Martin talks about the off season and his wishes to enter the Daytona 200.

Another blog eh? Well, I haven't been racing since August, so what will I say - there's not a lot to mention really. I nearly cut my finger off at work the other day and I got a welders flash into the bargain, so if I put those together with the knee trouble I had that stopped me riding at Scarborough, I think that must be my three bits of bad luck out of the way don't you reckon?

What else has been happening? Well I've been getting further into debt with the Snap On man, adding to my never ending collection of spanners, and helping Dave with a bit of quantitive squeezing in my tea breaks - means I'm doing my bit for the economy.

I couldn't get out on my pushbike for nearly a month after my knee bother, which didn't please me too much. That totally did my head in if I'm honest, so me and the missus went over to Amsterdam for a bit of a mad weekend. Just to soak up the culture... obviously!

I'm car racing shortly at Caterham. Never driven the car or track so I'll be a proper fish out of water. It's the last round of the Championship so I bet those boys will be showing me a thing or two.

I'm now wondering what the first bike race of the season will be in 2012? The Daytona 200 is on my list of things to do before I die, even if it means doing it off my own back and building a bike to take, so watch this space. Or maybe I can talk Philip and the TAS boys into going!