GT Open - Ayari Retakes Points Lead Ahead Of Last Race

The Frenchman and Camathias win Race 1, JMB Racing takes Teams title. Driver's title to be decided in today's race...

PR from yesterday:

Moncini-Montermini (Villorba), 5th, now 13 points behind

Bizzarri-Rizzoli (AF Corse Ferrari) take brilliant win in GTS

Bontempelli-Gattuso extend GTS lead over Roda to 7 points

RACE 1Barcelona, 29 October 2011

The suspense will remain until the very last race in the International GT Open: by winning with great authority today, Soheil Ayari is re-taking the lead in the overall standings and will start the last, decisive race tomorrow in Barcelona with 13 points of advantage on Andrea Montermini-Emanuele Moncini (Villorba Ferrari), today 5th.

The Frenchman and his team mate Joël Camathias made a perfect race today, beating the Kessel Ferrari of Philipp Peter-Michal Broniszewski. There was already champagne at the JMB pits, as the Monegasque team, thanks also to the 4th place of Frezza-Bell, secured the Teams’ title.

Third overall and winners for the third time in GTS were Stefano Bizzarri-Andrea Rizzoli, after a fantastic race of the Italian young duo, while Peter Kox-Eugenio Amos (Goodsense Lamborghini) took 2nd and Lorenzo-Bontempelli (Kessel Ferrari) 3rd, extending to 7 points their lead in the GTS standings over Gianluca Roda (Autorlando Porsche), today 4th together with Babini.

Start was delayed 1 lap because of the failure of the Kessel Ferrari of Geri in the formation lap. Poleman Peter has no problem in taking the lead, ahead of De Castro, Pier Guidi, Frezza, Ayari, Moncini, Bontempelli, Miguez. In the initial laps, De Castro has to let Pier Guidi, Frezza, Ayari and Moncini past, while soon after Ayari passes team mate Frezza and then Pier Guidi (lap 9) to take second. In GTS, Bizzarri leads on Bontempelli and Babini. On lap 12, at the end of the straight, Ayari passes Peter but the Austrian reacts and retakes first, to lose it one lap later.

On lap 18, something breaks in the Sunred and Gené hits the wall hard in turn 2, while there is a big fight between the two GTS contenders, Bontempelli and Babini, who stars in a couple of fuming brakings. Ayari stops for driver change in lap 22, as do Peter, Bontempelli and Roda.

After the pit stop, Broniszewski leads with 13” on Ayari, 23” on Bizzarri, then Lopez, Frezza, further away Montermini and Ramos, while there is a contact between Godinho and Gião, who fight for the Spanish GT title and collide again in lap 26, with Gião sent into a spin. Alvaro Barba puts the Autorlando Porsche in the gravel in lap 25.

In the lead, Broniszewski is catched and passed by Camathias (lap 29), with Rizzoli third, Bell fourth and Lopez and Montermini fighting for 5th and passing each other a couple of times. While Camathias wins with no problems, there will be a fierce battle for third between Rizzoli, Bell and Montermini (and a contact between the last two).

In GTS, the Lambo of Amos is second with Gattuso third and Roda fourth.

Overall StandingsOverall: 1. Ayari, 189 p.; 2. Moncini-Montermini, 176; 3. Ramos, Bontempelli-Gattuso, 155; 5. Frezza, 153

GTS: 1.Bontempelli-Gattuso, 108 p.; 2. Roda, 101; 3. Babini, 81; 4. Bizzarri, 76; 5. Rizzoli, 72

Teams SGT: 1.JMB Racing, 90 p.; 2. Villorba Corse, 78; 3. EdilCris Racing Team, 71; 4. Vittoria Competizioni, 67; 5. Kessel Racing, 51

Teams GTS: 1. Kessel Racing, 128 p.; 2. Autorlando Sport, 101; 3. AF Corse, 89; 4. Villois Racing, 36; 5.Raceteam Deboeuf, 34