Coloni completes line-up for the Abu Dhabi GP2 Finale

Scuderia Coloni completed their line-up for the Abu Dhabi GP2 Finale, planned for 12-13 november.

The team, that had already confirmed Kevin Ceccon on one car, has decided that Stefano Coletti will take the driving duties on the other one for the last race of the 2011 season.

The agreement with the driver from Monaco arrived after a very positive test in Barcelona, where Stefano and the team had a perfect day: not only they clinched the best laptime of the last session, but they also immediately established a great feeling between the driver and the technical staff, allowing the team to work in the best possible way.So Scuderia Coloni heads to the Emirates with a top notch line-up, the ideal solution to keep momentum after the great results already clinched this year.

Paolo Coloni: “I’m really happy to have Stefano with us for the GP2 Finale. We always looked with interest at his performances, and in Barcelona he confirmed all his talent, being very quick and getting along with the team in the best possible way. So, deciding to go in Abu Dhabi together was a natural choice, and it’s also pretty obvious that we have great expectations for the race, considering what Stefano and Kevin achieved in testing”.

Stefano Coletti: “First of all I would like to say thanks to Paolo Coloni for this opportunity and for the interest he showed immediately after the end of the 2011 season. We were in Barcelona together, in a test that for me was also a very important chance to check if my physical recovery after the injury I suffered in Spa was complete: on that occasion I got to know a really impressive technical staff, so I’m happy to race in Abu Dhabi with them. I hope for a great result that would allow me to thank the people who are supporting me in the best possible way”.