Africa Eco Race 2012…between Saint-Cyprien and Dakar

This is from Saint-Cyprien, a town in southern France, close to the Pyrenees and along the Mediterranean Sea that the fourth edition of the Africa Eco Race will be launched on 27th of December. Saint-Cyprien, a resort, not so far from Perpignan, wished to participate in this event by welcoming all competitors in the best conditions for the administrative and technical scrutineering. A nice start for connecting two continents, Europe and Africa and a finish for this great race on the shores of the Atlantic, on the 8th of January, in Dakar.

The 2012 route by René Metge ...Always attentive to the wishes of competitors, René Metge, wanted this year again, to maintain the right balance on the route of the 2012 Africa Eco Race. Between difficulties, fun to drive, always in beautiful scenery, the sporting director of the event seems satisfied with the itinerary.

"I will not lie, the route is generally quite demanding. With nearly 3.500 km of special stages and minimized liaisons, this edition will be very "sporty". But my first warning is to avoid any precipitation on the start of the race. The start will be challenging due to the tracks conditions, heavily damaged on some places, as a result of heavy rains. Morocco will propose all terrains and all difficulties it is possible to encounter on a rally raid. Mauritania will remain true to itself, with its majesty and its vast desert. A pure joy for all the dunes and sand lovers. My favourite stage, on a sporting point of view, will be the 9th stage between Akjoujt and Tenadi. A great moment for your eyes. During the last leg on Mauritania, everything could happen and overall classification could really change. Globally speaking, on this route, it will not be necessary to go very fast to be efficient but it will essential to preserve the car while remaining vigilant to avoid navigation mistakes. Again this year, it will be a determining factor. I'm quite satisfied with the result but I must admit that finding such a route was not easy. We drooled! Moreover, the recos required a week longer than for the 2011 itinerary... "

Competitors are warned, the 2012 Africa Eco Race remains true to the values of the rally by mixing difficulties and pleasure in perfect harmony.

2012 AFRICA ECO RACE ROUTE27th of December 2011 : Saint-Cyprien - Administrative and Technical checks

28th of December 2011 : Saint- Cyprien – Almeria (Spain) : 1027 km Boat from Spain to Morocco

29th of December 2011 : Nador – Tarda (Morocco) Liaison : 239,40 km – SS : 276, 90 km – Liaison : 106 km

30th of December 2011 : Tarda – Mhamid (Morocco) Liaison : 8,26 km - SS : 375,14 km

31st of December 2011 : Mhamid – Assa (Morocco) SS : 414, 14 km – Liaison : 75,90 km

1st of January 2012 : Assa – As Sakn (Morocco) Liaison : 10,76 km – SS : 290,23 km – Liaison : 14,75 km

2nd of January 2012 : As Sakn – Dakhla (Morocco) SS : 376,67 km – Liaison : 348,18 km

3rd of of January 2012 : Dakhla (Morocco) – Boulanouar (Mauritania) Rest day / Border crossing: 381 km

4th of January 2012 : Boulanouar – Akjoujt (Mauritania) SS : 425,89 km – Liaison : 9,66 km

5th of January 2012 : Akjoujt – Akjoujt (Mauritania) SS : 412,34 km

6th of January 2012 : Akjoujt – Tenadi (Mauritania) SS : 445,48 km

7th of January 2012 : Tenadi (Mauritania) – Kebemer (Senegal) SS : 280 km – Liaison : 394,76 km

8th of January 2012 : Kebemer – Dakar (Senegal) Liaison : 130,96 km – SS : 23,83 km – Liaison : 41 km