Team Aon continue winter developmet programme

Team Aon were out in force at Brands Hatch earlier this week continuing with their World Touring Car Championship preparations. The team, along with current British Touring Car driver and race winner Tom Chilton, tested a multitude of components on their car during a two day test at the Kent circuit.

Continuing to develop their WTCC car Team Aon took two cars to Brands Hatch earlier this week in a bid to refine preparations. Focusing on continuing to test the chassis and rear car set-ups the team undertook a positive test, during which a lot of extremely important data was collated in relation to their WTCC campaign.

The team made major suspension changes to the rear of car – an element they had hoped to test during the BTCC season but were unable to do due to a lack of testing. They also tested the bigger brakes and made gear shift changes, all in line with the WTCC regulations.

The team found that the changes to the car improved its feel and came away from the test feeling extremely positive about the cars’ set-up.

Speaking about the test team manager Alan Cole said, “We were very pleased with how the test went, we managed to get a lot of good data over a lot of laps. It was great to be able to test the things we wanted to test during the season but couldn’t due to testing restrictions.

“We’ve had great co-operation with Ford whose suspension designers have come up with a very good way of further improving our rear suspension.”

Reflecting on the changes made to the car Tom Chilton said, “It was a really great test we managed to improve the car a lot and more importantly gained on our overall lap times. The changes to the rear of the car felt good and made the front end grip of the car better – the brakes and corner traction was also a lot better.

“To me that was the best touring car I’ve every driven in ten years, so all in all it was a hugely positive day and a definite step in the right direction heading towards next year.”

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