Porsche 911 SWB 2.0 FIA for sale

Porsche 911 SWB 2.0 FIA for sale

One of our mates Allan Rennie is selling his Porsche 911 FIA racecar.

Basically spending the year campaigning his unique Lotus 35 Martin F1 car and rebuilding some of his TT and GP racebikes has meant that he has not used the Porsche at all this year. In fact the car has only done 300 running in miles on the road - and has yet to go out on the track.

Allan helps us out on our Ducati and is somewhat fastidious in the way he looks after and prepares his cars and bikes - 5000 + hours went into his Lotus! - so you can be assured the Porsche is immaculate.

If he sells the car he might have some more space in his immaculate workshop for some of our toys which need attention over the winter....

Details on the car below:

All FIA papers Manufactured 1965 - registered 1966, 1965 FIA Engine Specification

Period race history in America - freshly rebuilt and prepared with only 300 running in road miles.

Proper FIA spec engine with Solex carbs, Steve Monk cage, ATL fuel tank.

Eligible for lots of events including Tour Auto etc.

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